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When it comes to selling your home, the process may seem daunting but with the right team and framework, it’s our team’s goal to make it as smooth as it can possibly be. Although selling your home yourself is possible, there is a reason why 99% of home sellers trust professionals to do it the right way. We are here to offer our expertise and will gladly handle the entire prepping, project management, marketing, and negotiations. 

1. Know Your Market

Knowing the Bay Area real estate market is the first step. I’m sure you’re familiar with just how different and unique each neighborhood is and how that can impact the possible sale price of your home. Leveraging experiences and insights of making offers every single week, I have a different perspective than most agents. Not all opinions are weighted equally!


2. Prepare Your House

Celine's team is a great source of advice on specifics for your home preparations so that your house is positioned competitively in the market. Before photos are taken and before the first showing, you should:

  • Clean deeply.

  • Paint some or all of your house.

  • Do minor repairs such as caulking tubs and windows.

  • Make major repairs – if needed and in your budget, such as replacing your counters or appliances.

  • Stage your furniture to showcase your home’s best features.

  • Declutter every surface and storage space.

  • Eliminate odors by cleaning the fireplace or pulling out musty rugs.

  • Add a color scheme with rugs or pillows if needed to warm up your home.

  • Upgrade your lighting or light bulbs to make your rooms brighter.

  • Spruce up the landscaping.


3. Showing Your House

Online and offline, Celine's team assures that all Realtors know about your sale and all potential buyers see your property.

  • Your home will be featured on hundreds of websites with pictures and videos

  • Unique Dot Com Address that links to your Property Website!

  • Virtual Tour Video - An Animated Slideshow of HDR Photos Set to Music

  • Crystal Clear HDR Quality

  • Custom, high-quality, brochures that include professional photos and details of your home

  • Email listing to agents and buyers

  • Open Houses with desserts and drinks


4. Review Offers

If you receive multiple offers, Celine will advise you on the best strategy: 

  • Accept the best offer. If one offer stands out above the rest, you can accept that one right away. But be careful not to be swayed by a high offer if the financing seems uncertain or if the buyer hasn’t explained a plan for a possible low appraisal.

  • Counter all the offers to get a better price and terms. You can ask all potential buyers to give you their best offer by a certain deadline.

  • Counter one offer that’s close to what you want. If you like one offer but think the buyers could do a little better, you can send them a counteroffer to see if they’ll accept it.

Let's Work Together

Contact Celine now to schedule a free consultation. 

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